"Engulfing City, Under the Sun"

About Project

"A good city is like a good party — people stay longer than really necessary, because they are enjoying themselves”. Gan Ghel.

Works in Progress

But, cities are growing, the pressure that thar come with can be immensely ignored. While a major factor is the shrinking public space; the toll it creates on financial and mental burdens on communities sommetimes leads others into an oblivion, a place of no return. Growing up, access to publics spaces wasn't as difficult as it is now. The spaces we used to access included schools and community spaces. The ever expanding metropolis including railway expansions and new structures has shrinked public and personal space some losing where they've stayed for years consequently losing their identify and culture. This project advocates for the need to look into these loses and the toll it creates on people affected. public spaces provide people many opportunities to come together and engage with the community especially young kids growing up. Where's lack of it can lead to loneliness and mental escapeds that can be detrimental. The success of public spaces are inclusivity of the diversity of groups present in our cities and create a social space for everyone in the society to participate in. This includes how welcoming the space is and whether people can access the space and feel comfortable in it. This includes disability access and making a space for everyone regardless of their circumstances to be a part of the society. One good way to ensure public spaces are adhered to when creating new structures accessible is to provide a good environment for everyone so that people can enjoy the space for a long time and seek respite whenever needed.

  • Shrinking public spaces.