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About us
How We Started

Situated in Nairobi, Kibera slums is an infomal settlement that has over the past been widely photographed mojorly by the outside world. The training was started by Gordwin Odhiambo a photojournalist born and bred in Kibera. Having attended several workshops and masterclasses, He wanted to share back the teachings he learnt. In 2018, the first pioneer group (15 students) graduated and have had a success to be the photographers they have always wanted to be.

Vision and Impact

We aim not only to give knowledge but also to avail fresh ways of manuvering the photography industry. The photographers we've trained have gone on to curate portfolios that is recognizable by international media industry experts. The pioneering class have worked for media publications including the Gurdian, Europen Press Agency, Getty Images among others.

Previous Instructers
Photographer and Educator
Journalist at Agence France Press
Fundraising Trainer
Nikon Team