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Community Solutions to a Pandemic

The first Constructive Journalism Fellowship was held in 2021 and we’re now offering a new set of TV and video journalists the opportunity to take part in the program. It brings together media professionals who want to learn more about constructive storytelling and to connect with like-minded colleagues. The five-month Fellowship has a hybrid training format with a one-week on-site session either in Germany or on the Sub-Saharan African continent that will take place at the end of the program in March 2023. We reserve the right to conduct the on-site event as an online session if prevailing COVID-19 regulations restrict travel.

About the Project

My photography visual project explores how community organizations are reinventing themselves to serve their community better especially during the pandemic. Kibera is a community that is highly populated, social community issues like access to healthcare and basic services remain one of the community’s obstacles in terms of development. In the midst of the pandemic, two community organizations; Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) and Kibera Emergency Response Team worked closely with the community in accessing healthcare, creating awareness, and availing protective materials against the novel coronavirus.