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UPPA Awards 2020
Style, Identity, and Dreams


Gordwin Odhiambo is a photojournalist, Photographer, and documentary photographer based in Nairobi. His work focuses on daily life and development issues both within the community, nationally, and internationally. These include; education, arts and culture, environment and climate change, healthcare, technology and community, community development projects, special corporate assignments, and editorial work. Born in Nairobi, Gordwin started his photography as a way to depict his community the way he sees it. Growing up, the photos he saw online from here, only depicted dramatic situations with most published photos of suffering. He wanted to show the everyday life that he believes tells the true stories of a place. As an insider community photographer, his Instagram photos have garnered accolades due to the true representation they depict of his home community. With awareness of local, and international development issues, his visuals always aim to drive the story forward Gordwin studied at the University of Nairobi, School of Biological and Physical Sciences. He underwent professional training, and a volunteer program on local and international development by Oxfam/ICS/VSO at the coast of Kenya. Gordwin has done and assisted in the production of assignments for various publications and media houses. Gordwin is a member of the APJD, and contributes to the National Geographic Instagram page 'Natgeoyourshot', and AFP/Getty Images.