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Reiventing and Adapting Through Coronavirus

East Africa Photography Awards 2020.
This photography project shows the efforts made by Kibera community amidst the pandemic. Despite the imminent threats of coronavirus faced due to population size, local organizations and individual acts of kindness made sure that we were not going to face the worse of the situation. Faced with a pandemic, lock downs, and the thoughts of where to get the next meal, individuals came together, organizations restructured and adopted new ways of serving its community. And when individual efforts were needed, fashion designers, philanthropists, artists, and midwives stepped up. Temporarily leaving their usual stamping grounds and willingly serving their skills for the better good and mostly without pay. The project is geared towards showing how a community has been over the years miss-narrated when there are occurrences of national and global social issues, acting as a hotpot for hyped photos of suffering. Born and raised in Kibera, I've never seen this community coming together like now.

About the Project